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The Israeli Association of Stage & Screen Combat


International Associations

BASSC- British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat     (UK)


SAFD - Society of American Fight Directors     (USA)                  


Fight Directors Canada   (Canada)                                                    


Stage Combat Deutschland    (Germany)                                         


Nordic Stage Fight Society    (Norway)                                             


Irish Dramatic Combat Academy      (Ireland)                                 


Sydney Stage Combat     (Australia)                                                  


BADC - British Academy of Dramatic Combat    (UK)                   







The Paddy Crean Stage Combat Conference   (CANADA)          


THE WORLDS - Stage Combat Conference 2016                          


MACE Training - SAFD workshops    (USA)                                    


ID- Dramatic Action Specialists  (UK)                                            


RC-Annie -  Stage and Screen Combat Specialists   (UK)         



International Workshops and Training Companies
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