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The Israeli Association of Stage & Screen Combat


IASSC's Certifications allow you to recieve professional training in the various stage combat weapons and techniques. Certain courses will also allow students to test for a BASSC certification or/ and a IDCA certification.**


Basic Actor Combatant Level 


Rapier & Dagger



Intermediate Actor Combatant Level  (3+ wepons from the following) :




Sword and Shield





 Advanced (5 distincition level + 1 of the following):


Advanced Unarmed

Rapier and his companion weapons

Fight Performance Intensive for Advanced Students




The IASSC keeps the right to change the Certification levels at any time. 

** Only if the course is run under BASSC and / or IDCA Policy & Procedures and will require an additional test fee.


For Advanced Students (IASSC or equivilant) or by invitation only, we offer several opportunities / statuses:


- Assistant / Intern

- Certified Teacher

- Guest Teacher Status

- Lead Teacher and IASSC Examiner Status 

- Honorary Member Status 



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